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Mechanicalee iPhone and iPad Apps

We have developed iPhone and iPad apps tailored towards professional technicians and proficient vehicle enthusiasts. These apps are designed to make your lives simpler and enable rapid fault isolation and repair. 

OBD and Manufacture Specific Trouble (Fault) Codes

This app contains OBD, OBD2, EOBD and manufacture specific trouble codes, fault descriptions and where availble possible causes. We are consistently supporting more Manufactures. It has a really slick user interface and is designed with automotive workshop use in mind. Just select the vehicle make, enter the fault/trouble code you diagnostic tool has given you and hit the look up button, the app then searches our extensive databases to rapidly return the fault description and possible causes of the trouble code!!

Results are returned within seconds!! As you can see from the screenshots the possible causes will really help you to identify the root cause of your fault as quickly as possible.

For more information you should click the following links to check us out on the App Store!!!!


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