Saturday, 4 January 2014

Protecting Your Car Paint

Tips on Protecting Your Car Paint

Protecting Car Paintwork

For many people, their cars can be their second biggest expense, after their housing costs. It takes a lot of money to pay for a car, as well as insure it, maintain it, and keep gas in it. However, when you have the basic needs met, you should also think about your cars exterior. Your cars paint is also quite important. Car paint protects your car and prevents it from rusting, but it can also keep your cars resale value high. Once in a while, you should consult with an auto painting company in Las Vegas  who can help keep your car paint in tiptop shape. If you want to protect your car paint, keep reading the following tips.

You will need paint protectants to ensure your car paint stays in good condition. Things like UB rays, bird droppings, tree sap, insect remains, and acid rain can harm car paint. All auto painting Las Vegas companies agree that you need two products to keep your cars paint in good condition. First is wax. Wax is an organic compound, usually made of carnauba. This wax comes from the leaves of the plant carnauba. It is used as a wax but also as a lubricant, enhancer, or even solvent. You should know about the different grades of carnauba. The best ones are called #1 white and #1 yellow. The good ones also should be 30 to 35%, post-melt. Carnauba is sold as flakes, which you will have to melt with a solvent and then use on the car.

The next type of paint protector is a polymer sealant. This is basically a plastic material that you use to coat your car with. These sealants last much longer, but some people say they do not give the same shine. They can also resist frequent or strong washings, but they do absorb more water, making them cloudy. Over time, this material can also build up on the paint, and actually make the paint look duller. Also, some polymer sealants require professional tools to apply. These are usually Teflon-based products which are used by professionals.

Some auto painting Las Vegas companies also recommend a carnauba-polymer blend. These use a polymer material with a carnauba base. These may be better for the paint in the long run, while still leaving it with a beautiful shine.
If you want to know more about protecting your car paint, consult with a local auto painting Las Vegas company. They will not only have experience with cars and car paint, but they will also know more about protecting car paint in Nevadas particular climate and conditions.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Honda Accord Hybrid 2014

Drive Eco-Friendly with New Honda Accord Hybrid 2014

The Brand Honda

Honda has introduced a new car model known as the Honda Accord Hybrid 2014. Honda`s hybrid technology has grown ever since the introduction of the first gas electric hybrid in the US market in 1999. However, today Honda Accord hybrid is one of the cornerstones of environmental leadership initiatives. The following are the amazing features found in the new Honda Accord Hybrid.

Eco-friendly! Whats new??

The Honda Accord Hybrid is an exceptional car because its environmental conscious. It does not emit any smoke from its exhaust pipe. The car has an installed ECON button which automatically adjusts the fuel consumption systems to maximize efficiency. The ECON button eases on manual driving and ensures that the car engine is on excellent condition. Pressing the ECON button again will re-configure the car back to normal mode. This is the reason why this car can be driven by anybody since it has both automatic and manual functionalities. Its fun and easy to drive especially in roads with less traffic. At the speedometer there are coaching bars which indicate the efficiency of the fuel consumption and supply. What makes this car fascinating compared to other eco-friendly cars is its earth dream technology engine. This engine has made the Honda Accord Hybrid a success in the market. It maintains excellent torque regulation, fuel combustion and getting mpg ratings that ensure Honda Accord remains the top eco-friendly car in the World. 

Amazing Interiors

It has amazing features which include ECON button, Eco Assist, Honda Link, Push button start, Audio touch screen, Instrument Panel Design, steering wheel mounted controls, lane departure warning (LDW), Forward Collision Warning (FCW) Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) Intelligent Multi-Information Display(i-MID) One Touch Power Moon roof and a USB Audio Interface. The LDW alerts drivers when there is a drift from the lane but the accuracy will depend on the weather condition, speed and road condition. The ACC is only used in roads that are in excellent condition and do not have heavy traffic. The FCW helps the driver to steer and control the car when in a tight traffic but the driver is responsible in avoiding collisions. The steering wheel mounted controls make it more fun and enjoyable driving the Honda Accord hybrid because there is no much energy needed to drive.

Ground breaking Exteriors

The Honda Accord has a refined style that resembles the Accord Sedan but with a touch of a blue-accented front grille and headlights. It has aerodynamic specifications which maximizes on efficiency and style like the deck lid spoiler. The car has a smart car keys. The keys are functional if they are in the pocket. It simply detects the front doors and helps in locking and unlocking the car with ease. The car has alloy wheels which add a touch of comfort, luxury and sophistication. 

Designed to Appeal

The car has an elegant body shape that suits all car enthusiasts. It has an exquisite streamlined body that resembles that of a sports car. Most people with an eye of luxurious cars will want to buy the Honda Accord because is exterior features are quite astonishing. They add value to the car`s reputation. This is what a car buyer would want to see in car show exhibit. Of course, its not just something to look at. Its a stunning car with an elegant design for everyone to drive. The successful launch of the Honda Accord hybrid 2014 has thrilled many car enthusiasts and for European drivers with a valid UK driving licence will experience the new hybrid car in the market.