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High Performance Alignment by Iron Canyon Motorsports

High Performance 4 Wheel Alignment

Correct wheel alignment of your vehicle is important as even slight changes in geometry can affect the handling, not to mention tire wear and fuel consumption.  Simply hitting a curb or a pothole can have an adverse effect on the vehicles wheel alignment geometry. Modifications to your cars suspension will affect your alignment in several areas. Usually in a negative way. A Performance Alignment will correct the vehicles geometry to obtain the best handling vehicle possible. To gain the maximum benefit of an aftermarket suspension system and maximize tire life and performance a Performance 4 Wheel Alignment is mandatory.

Suspension modifications such as coil over conversions, lowered vehicles, performance shock absorbers, and composite bushings all require a performance alignment to get the most out of the modifications. For race cars used in a competition a Performance, or Competition Alignment, that includes corner balancing, or scaling, is mandatory to make the most of performance tires and other modifications.

Many vehicles such as BMW’s, Mazda Miata’s, and the FRS/FRZ models have very adjustable suspensions and are popular with both racers and the performance track day enthusiast when it comes to aftermarket suspension modifications. A CompetitionPerformance Alignment will help the enthusiast get the most out of these modifications as well as maximize both tire life and safety.

A pull to one side or a vibration through the steering wheel may indicate an alignment issue. Many handling problems such as these can be solved by Iron Canyon Motorsports state of the art WheelAlignment System. With a correct wheel alignment ride and handling of the vehicle is vastly improved.

Fuel Consumption
An incorrect wheel alignment increases the rolling resistance of the vehicle and increases tire wear. The effect of this is more fuel consumption, shortened tire life, and poor performance. Together with making sure your tire pressures are correct, a Performance Alignment will get your better fuel economy, improved tire life, and superior vehicle performance.

During the alignment process it is important to inspect the suspension components and bushings. We will advise you on their condition and work with you to remediate any problems or issues that are uncovered. If necessary, we will recommend replacement components that are appropriate for your car and your budget.

Cars with modified suspensions that may also have wider tires and wheels than delivered from the factory need specialized alignment settings. Caster, Camber, Toe, and ride height settings may be vastly different on cars with a performance oriented suspension. The factory settings often referenced by the typical tire or alignment shop are not appropriate for these vehicles. As most shops lack the performance oriented background they are often reluctant to deviate from the factory settings.

How we can help?
Iron Canyon Motorsports has installed a Hunter Hawkeye Elite 4 Wheel Alignment System that gives us complete control over your cars suspension settings. Lowered cars are no problem as our lift is recessed. The Hawkeye Elite uses special tire clamps to hold the alignment targets so there is no chance of damaging your expensive rims as is the case with traditional wheel alignment wheel clamps. We can advise you on settings that are suited to the car's purpose whether it be it road or track. When it comes to the more serious track enthusiast or racer we can perform an alignment to your specifications as well as corner weight and balance the car using our wireless digital scale system.

Not Local?
If visiting our facility is not possible don’t worry, we have you covered. Iron Canyon Motorsports produces a number of alignment tools for the DIY grassroots enthusiast or club racer. Our products are used in both amateur and professional road racing events presented by NASA, SCCA, TCRA, and others. All our products are available on our website at

You can schedule an appointment for a wheel alignment by calling us at 800 408-1390 or sending us an email at We are here to answer any questions you might have as well. 

Author Bio:

Mark Nichols is an expert in wheel alignment and competition alignment services. He always shares tips and steps on wheel alignment and competition alignment services.

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