Thursday, 27 June 2013

Best Apps for Truckers

Top Apps for Truckers - Mobile Technology Helping Drivers

Nobody is more mobile than a truck driver, so many truck drivers are looking for the latest in mobile technology apps to make their trips more efficient and enjoyable. The industry deals with a lot of regulation, and many owner-operators and trucking companies are employing the latest mobile apps to help keep costs competitive and get truckers where they need to go faster and better.

This means mobile technology is where it's at for fleet management as companies use handheld devices, tablet computers, call and smartphones as well as online apps to get the show on the road. A recent study with more than 6,000 owner-operators found more than half used phones mostly to conduct business compared to last year. More than one-third used mobile apps to search for gas prices, traffic information and weather updates. Some 37 percent used cell and smartphones to book, and bid, on, loads.

Laptops are out as tabletcomputers and mobile phones are carrying more of the load for owner-operators. They've become indispensable in the course of truck driving affairs. No joke, and not to say owners-operators are married to their phones but, when asked in the survey what they would give up instead of their phones, 20 percent said CB radios; 8 percent said they would give up pets and fully 16 percent even said they would give up spouses.

Hand-held devices are the big deal with the big rigs and trucking industry these days. they make it easier to provide regulation compliance, save money and create a better customer experience. Yet, the devices are nothing without killer apps. Drivers can employ the latest technology to access whatever information they desire, connect with friends and family, even display streaming audio and video.

Here are a few mobile apps ready to roll for top trucking experiences:

Co-Pilot Live Truck

Gets you there from here. The unique app applies voice-activated GPS-navigation tools to the road. Drivers get everything from routes and maps to customized vehicle efficiency.
The APP is available to both Android and IPhone users.

FleetSafer Mobile

Drivers don't need any more distractions than absolutely necessary. This app blocks texts and emails with an "I'm driving" return message so operators can keep their full attention on the road. The APP is available to both Android and IPhone users.

FatSecret Calorie Counter

Keep in shape. This app provides nutrition information at your fingertips. The app also outlines information specific to many restaurants and stopovers along the road. The APP is available to both Android and IPhone users.


Take the guesswork out of fuel consumption, this app provides up-to-minute fuel information. . It monitors prices and availability throughout North America. The APP is available to both Android and IPhone users.


Communication made easy, Skype is simple and free connecting drivers to the world through audio and video speech and conferencing tools. Drivers don't miss important calls.
The APP is available to both Android and IPhone users.

Truckers Tools 

Free and fun, this is a coupon app that provides savings at some 5,000 truck stops across North America. It also monitors fuel prices and provides driving directions.
The APP is available to both Android and IPhone users.

tpMobile for Xata Turnpike

This app accounts for technical business matters keep track of hours-of-service logs, CSA risk scorecards, speed management, driver productivity and fuel savings, among other functions. Fleet managers can get a grip on regulatory issues when necessary.

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