Tuesday, 2 April 2013

How To Check Oil Level? 10 Steps You Should Follow!

Its one of those things, you know it needs doing but you don't quite know if your doing it right! Well I've got you covered, here's the answer to 'How To Check Oil Level' 

I'll break it down step by step.

        1. Park the car on a level surface, switch of the engine, remove the
            keys and leave to settle and cool down.

        2. Gain access to the engine bay. This can vary from car to car but if the
            engines under the bonnet / hood open the bonnet / hood, if the 
            engine is in the boot / trunk open the boot / trunk.

        3. Locate the engine oil level dipstick. If you are unsure were this is, 
            you may need to refer to the owners manual. 

        4. Remove the dipstick fully and wipe the entire length with clean lint 
            free cloth or kitchen towel. Ensure you can throw this away after use.
        5. Refit the dipstick and pull back out. Inspect the oil level on the 
            dip stick. It should look similar to this.

How to check oil level
How to check oil level


          6. If the oil level is between the Min and Max marks this is acceptable 
              there is absolutely no need to keep oil level on the Max mark.

          7. If the oil level is below the Min mark then to oil needs topping up.
              Select the right engine oil for your car either from the owners              
              manual or from here How to check oil level which oil for your car.

            8. Locate the engine oil fill point, you may need to refer to the owners
              manual. Put engine oil a little bit at a time. I.E place 200ml of oil in
              engine. Leave for 1 minute. Refit dipstick. Pull dipstick. Check 
              engine oil level. If below Min mark repeat process. If between Min 
              and Max job is complete.

          9. If Oil level was above Max mark it is not recommended that the 
              vehicle is driven until excess oil is removed from engine. If you 
              don't know how to do this, I highly recommend you call your
              mechanic as it is isn't a job to be tackle without the correct 

        10. Once oil level is between Min and Max mark. Ensure dipstick is
              Refitted and oil cap is back on. Close and secure engine access 

If you have any doubt's about checking your oil level. Please consult a trained mechanic as they will be able to advise you best if they know what make and model your car is. 

Thanks for checking out this How to article aimed at answering the question 'How to check oil level?'

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