Thursday, 4 April 2013

How To Become A Mechanic?

So you finally finish school. Your parents are telling you to stop being so lazy and go get a job. Or maybe your one of the few who has known for a long time what they wanted to do when they left school. You have typed into Google 'How To Become A Mechanic' and you choose to click this page. Well first let me welcome and reassure you that you made the right choice! Not only with your decision to click on my page but with your choice to become a Mechanic.

It's a little bit harder to become a Mechanic in modern times. Not only are apprenticeships harder to come by technological advancements in the automotive industry ensure there is a whole lot to learn that wasn't necessary as little as ten years ago. But for those willing to learn and keep on learning there is always room for you in our line of work. People will always need their vehicle repairing whether that's a road car or some future mode of transport! 

First thing you need is a job placement. This is the hardest part of becoming a Mechanic. If your still in school you could always ask a Garage to take you on for work experience, work hard and they will remember you when you ask for an apprenticeship. However if you have left school here is a list of things you can try to get you on track.

  • Write your CV. Include all you school qualifications, list your strengths and weaknesses. I.e 'One of my strengths is persistence with a difficult task and always ensuring a job is done professionally. My biggest weakness is face to face confidence with new people.' Also it is essential to include which areas of a Mechanics job interest you the most. More on writing your CV Here How To Write A Successful CV
  • Next write a letter to every Garage that you could attend to work every day without being late. In your letter tell them that you would like an apprenticeship, what attracted you to becoming a Mechanic, mention your enthusiasm to learn new things and you desire to work in a rapidly evolving area of technological advancement.
  • If you find you have been declined ask for a weeks trial unpaid as a chance to show your enthusiasm toward becoming a Mechanic. If they accept, you will probably only get one chance with that Garage! Don't blow it!! 
  • Before accepting an apprenticeship offer ensure that their Garage can arrange you College education. Also worth checking if you can is whether or not the Garage is moving with the times. Do they have the latest Diagnostic tools? Do they take on electrical faults? It is worth asking because things like that are the way the industry is heading.
  • Contact you local Technology College. Ask them about Mechanic apprenticeships and whether they can find you a placement. A list of Colleges can be found here. Where To Become A MechanicJust type your postcode in and you will find a list of approved centres. 
  • This may sound harsh but be prepared for poor wages for a while when you first start being a mechanic. Due to people struggling to find apprenticeships it unfortunately has driven down wage rates. Stick with it for a couple of years and things will get better! I promise!
You made it this far in the article. Well done! But I have more advice for you. When I wrote the article I knew you search for 'How to become a Mechanic' and click my page in search of the answers. I don't want to let you go without telling you what's next. 

Well when you get your job and start going to college things will be completely different than when you were at school. I'll tell you what I had to do and what my feelings were on attending a Mechanics College.

I'll do this with a few more bullet points.

  • It took me three years at college to gain my NVQ level 3. You can gain an NVQ level 2 in two years but you'll find yourself in a better position when looking for a pay rise or new jobs with and NVQ level 3.
  • I also took an evening class for two years in workshop management to gain a lower degree in the subject. Yes it did cost but you'll reap the rewards of your investment later in your career.
  • You may be offered training courses in College for things like Hybrid vehicles. Take every course you can get. It all makes for a great CV.
  • College is a lot different to School people are there because they want to be. People respect that and learn so much more.
That's about enough reading for now. But please if you have any further questions on 'How to become a Mechanic' Please leave a comment of drop by our contact us page and I will answer your questions!

For further reading see this article here How to become a Mechanic


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