Monday, 18 March 2013

OBD Scanner! What Place Do They Have?


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OBD Scanners

I frequently use different makes of diagnostics equipment at work. OBD Scanners fall into this category. I frequently use them at the road side.

Let me start by saying OBD Scanners are not and never will be a replacement for a full blown workshop diagnostics tool like Autologic, Snap-on or TEXA. But they have their place.
OBD Scanner
OBD2 Scanner

Ok the problem with OBD Scanners is they cannot produce manufacture specific fault codes (Most commonly know as P1, or Volkswagen Audi group 4 or 5 digit codes). They can only produce generic codes (most commonly but not restricted to codes starting in P0). This is a problem with OBD Scanners that is not likely to change.

OBD Scanners can however provide a decent amount of live data. Think engine RPM, coolant temperature, EGR position, throttle position ect.

This is a really powerful and useful function especially if you can view the live data in graph form. Imagine a hesitation during acceleration, viewing the throttle position as a graph and being able to see if the pedal is faulty.

Also they can become an essential tool for any vehicle owner if used with the knowledge that OBD Scanners can not fix faults for you. See this post here How to Really Fix Your Engine Management Light. For instance if you engine management light is on you can check the faults yourself and when presenting your car to the garage you can inform them of your findings. 

Another brilliant use is when buying a car. Just pop out your OBD Scanner check for faults. I don't need to tell you how much money this can save do I.

The key feature of OBD Scanners is their price. They are dirt cheap. Unfortunately as with most things in life you get what you pay for. 

I can however come to you with a personal recommendation. If you work in the motor trade you have probably heard of Launch. They are a Chinese manufacture of diagnostic tools but their quality is very good. 

Launch make many diagnostic tools but by far their best OBD Scanner is the C-Reader. With newer models of the C-Reader you can view up to 4 separate live data streams in graph form at once. The price is very good to. I have done some homework and found The C-Reader 5 available on Amazon for £33.98 UK or $65 US as I know a lot of you reading this are from the US I will post links for both countries.

UK LinkLaunch Creader V 5 OBDII EOBD JOBD Code Reader Scanner Diagnostic Tool

US Link:  Launch C-Reader V EOBD JOBD OBD2 Scan Tool

My personal experience with this tool is brilliant. If you decide to buy one I am positive you will find it awesome too.

Have you had any experience with OBD Scanners? Are they under-rated? Please comment below.


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