Saturday, 30 March 2013

ELM327 Software! You Could Be Wasting Your Time!

OK so you read my review on the ELM327 Obd2 Adaptor here,
ELM327 Adaptor Review. You ordered one and now you need software compatible with a Bluetooth adaptor.

So without messing around, I'll get straight to the point.

I want to start with the obvious first choice of ELM327 software, for me and that is the Torque app. Read my review for Android here Torque Android App Review.

In case you don't have time to read that here are some links.

Torque Website: Torque Homepage
Torque Pro on Google Play: Torque Pro (Recommended)
Torque Lite On Google Play: Torque Lite

OK I want to be entirely honest although the app on Android is brilliant, it can look a bit unprofessional if used on a phone in a paying customer environment. I highly recommend using a Tablet for a more professional look. 

You may be thinking about getting some software for a laptop. 

Well if you own a Ford you are in luck here is some free Ford specific software that can read most modules on nearly all Fords. Here is the link.

FORScan Homepage
FORScan Downloads

Trouble is though I personally haven't found any free generic OBD2 software that supports Bluetooth ELM327 Obd2 Adaptors that either.

  1. Doesn't need cracking (You won't find that here)
  2. Actually provides any features unless you pay

Your only real hope for free software is whatever came with your device. Or using some paid for software and the majority of this really isn't worth paying for, as connectivity can be very hit and miss or it isn't very well supported. 

To be honest the price of most of the software is far more than what you can buy a hand held really good quality OBD Scanner for. See this post here 
OBD Scanner ReviewIf I am wrong let me know in the comments or, if you develop some software and would like us to review it please visit the contact us page!

To sum up unless you're a pirate and don't mind doing someone out of money you're out of luck. Just save the money and buy a decent handheld OBD2 Scanner.


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  2. Torque with a $5 to $50 odb2 bluetooth adapter (cheap ELM327 or OBDLink LX) is very good and is much better than most dedicated scanners.

    How many scanners can display and log almost unlimited real time data monitors?

    Plugging in the adapter and having a cellphone in your pocket or (a cheap android phone in the glove box) is all you need to be diagnostic ready at all times.

    If you want to look more professional... grab an android tablet and call it a day.

    When you consider the easy access, ability to read / clear error codes, flexible live data monitoring with local / cloud based logging there's not many options that compare. Certainly nothing that compares is the same price universe.